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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What is korHarmonics indicator for MT4 platform ?

korHarmonics is an indicator written in mq4 for Metatrader4 (MT4) platforms.
It automatically looks and presents (real-time and history) harmonic and price patterns appearing on any market and instrument supported by MT4.
For the user it means:
  • possibility to monitor multiple markets, instruments, timeframes
  • possibility to define set of favorite patterns to look for
  • assurance that each pattern will be spotted and the user alerted
  • at the end spending less time looking at the monitor, but not missing an opportunity

The market repeats continuously and on each timeframe. It does not draw anything new and will never draw anything new. It is just important to spot repetitive patterns, in order to remember their past behavior and get alerted on time when they show up next time. korHarmonics supports you in this.

There is no indicator that completely replaces an investor’s eyes. Some recognized formations are ‘DO NOT TOUCH”. Some look good, but still fail. It’s the responsibility of each investor to study and learn when to play and when to stay out of the market.

See This sub-forum Forum: KorHarmonics Indicator Releases is dedicated to the korHarmonics indicator and korHarmonics related initiatives. You may ask questions, look for the answers, share your strategies and entries screenshots. You will find there also information related to the latest public versions of the indicator and comments to your ideas.

Functionality in the last publicly available korHarmonics version (6.7.13):

1.       Automatic real-time and history harmonic and price patterns recognition and presentation. See korHarmonics manual korHarmonics Manual Documentation for the full list of supported formations.
2.       Support for multiple markets, instruments and timeframes
3.       Early identification of the emerging/potential formations (“Emerging patterns”).
4.       ZIGZAG with its price and time relationships
5.       Possibility to automatically save found pattern picture into a GIF file.
6.       Alerts and sound alarms.
7.       Choosing favorites patterns, filtering out the others
8.       Templates with predefined optimal parameters
9.       Default MinSwing pre-configuration for ZIGZAGs
10.    Integration with korSigMonitor the indicator which allows you to monitor multiple formations, markets, instruments, timeframes on the single page.

The latest official public version of the korHarmonics indicator is available here -> korHarmonics indicator - the latest official public release - FREE download


Friday, January 4, 2013

harmonic Bat pattern Reward:Risk ratio

Bat pattern Reward:Risk ratio - case1
Bat pattern Reward:Risk ratio - case1

Bat pattern Reward:Risk ratio - case2
Bat pattern Reward:Risk ratio - case2

For the details regarding the Bat pattern and Reward:Risk ratio check this thread on the Forum: harmonic Bat pattern Reward Risk ratio


XABCD harmonic diagonal pattern example

Today's EURUSD XABCD harmonic diagonal pattern:

To learn more about the XABCD diagonal pattern check out this thread -> XABCD diagonal pattern definition

These XABCD diagonal patterns together with harmonic Butterfly patterns allow to spot the very exact market tops and bottoms, so to enter the trade at the begining of new trend. Amazing ... if confirmed properly.


Gartley pattern Entries Exits StopLoss

You may check first the previous post where is the Gartley first natural Exit presented (Entry, Exit/Take Profit and StopLoss). Since the proper Gartley pattern is a correction (corrective move) the impulse must follow and this impulse must take/reach the previous high (Gartley pattern point A) -> Gartley pattern Reward Risk ratio

Here we go even further, the Gartley pattern in the proper location should forcast the start of the strong impuls wave (Wave3 in EWA/Elliott Wave theory). Such impuls reaches 161.8% of the initial impulse move (XA swing), therefore we place the Exit at 161.8% of XA measured from point D.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gartley pattern Reward Risk ratio

For the details regarding the Gartley pattern and Reward:Risk ratio check this thread on the Forum: Gartley pattern Reward:Risk ratio
Since the proper Gartley pattern is a correction (corrective move) the impulse must follow and this impulse must reach the previous high.

Scenario when the impuls reaches 161.8% Fibonacci of the XA swing is presented in post Gartley pattern Entries Exits StopLoss


Extreem butterfly bullish pattern

extreem butterfly bullish pattern
extreem butterfly bullish pattern

Here you can find the definition of ideal and tradable harmonic butterfly patterns -> Ideal and Tradeable butterfly pattern

Tradeable scenario description gives examples of 2 extreem cases. Today we had one such on USDPLN, see the attached example. Very precise, harmonic butterfly pattern, ...very powerful if located correctly, ... btw: additionally confired by several methods we described in Butterfly pattern confirmations

All the Best in 2013!