Sunday, April 8, 2012

best forex trading system

Question: What is best trading system for Forex market?
Answer: No idea. No idea if something like 'best trading system' exists. I think that Everyone must find HIS/HER OWN SYSTEM, one that fits best to the psyche and conditions we want to trade in.

Studding markets for several years already i found out that Harmonic Trading is the best forex trading method for me. Why? Because it works! Because it allows to enter with small risk and aim for big rewards, because it can be traded on any market instrument, any timeframe. Because it can be combined with many different money management techniques.

Here are the equity curves from 1 live forex account from 3 first months this year (2012, till now). Harmonic trading with proper Money Management RULEZZZZ.

forex live account equity curve January 2012

forex live account equity curve February 2012

 forex live account equity curve February 2012

To read more about my approach to harmonic trading you can check this thread ->

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