Thursday, May 3, 2012

AMPmonitor - NEW layout

Today guys presented AMPmonitor's new layout ideas. More on this HERE.

Based on first comments provided on the TradingArsenal forum i see that new layout gets very good ratings.

Anyway, if you are involved into harmonic trading and look for a tool that can help (NOT replace!!!) your manual market geometry analysis, check the forum thread and provide your comments and suggestions. As usual, best ideas are rewarded with free access to this web based harmonic patterns recognition tool.


  1. I am assuming AmpMonitor is for Forex only, not stocks? Can you clarify this?

  2. whatever instrument is available on any broker's MT4, can be monitored via AMPmonitor platform.

  3. Hi Adm,
    How can I get the link for this fantastic AmpMonitor software? Is awesome... tks