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Thursday, May 24, 2012

how to draw Harmonic Patterns - examples

How to draw harmonic patterns. Leaving the conclusion to you...

Version 1

Version 2

Just remember, harmonics must look good for your eyes!


Potential Reversal Zone PRZ example

Potential Reversal Zone PRZ example
for more on PRZ construction check -> Potential Reversal Zone


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Market timing with harmonics, geometry & cycles

Couple of examples from last week... where harmonics, market geometry and cycles were used to time the entry.

from forex AUDUSD:

from forex EURUSD:

HINT: Anyway ...good market timing helps to maximize R:R, but it's not mandatory for profitable trading.
BTW: Time to study and add Gann technics to the Arsenal :-)

Friday, May 18, 2012

harmonic combo patterns on Forex

Harmonic combo patterns on Forex is what we should be looking for...
In this case on we had a strong failure, but who cares ... let's wait for another one.

btw: Did you consider trading failure patterns?


Thursday, May 10, 2012

AMP indicator version 11 on AMPmonitor

AMPmonitor is updated now with AMP indicator pattern recognition engine version 11. 
Changes comparing to the last version: 
- patterns tuning
- Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ) improvements
- fixes for graphical objects
- added News functionality (news taken on weekly basis from Forex Factory). See vertical lines on the charts, where orange is medium priority and red is high priority. This functionality to be still enhanced/improved with the next upgrade.

More on AMPmonitor changes and funtionality you can find here


Monday, May 7, 2012

great market trading trainings are FREE

If you are serious about learning Forex trading, there is lots of great and free webinars available on FXSTREET. Visit Highly recommended.

Sometimes just one sentence you hear or read can make a huge difference, will give you a new idea that can improve your trading.

Couple of additional thoughts:
1. I read a lot of books about trading; so many were not worth much, but I somehow never regret the time spent.

2. Majority of books focus on Entry. Why?

3. Majority of books present a (technical) trading method, but do not include equity curve of this method. Why?

4. While checking the internet materials look for ones from live traders, not trainers.

5. Trading is never ending learning process. I do not believe in significant short-cuts. In my opinion trainings and mentors can help, but not expect miracles. Thousends of hours with charts will be still needed.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

AMPmonitor - NEW layout

Today guys presented AMPmonitor's new layout ideas. More on this HERE.

Based on first comments provided on the TradingArsenal forum i see that new layout gets very good ratings.

Anyway, if you are involved into harmonic trading and look for a tool that can help (NOT replace!!!) your manual market geometry analysis, check the forum thread and provide your comments and suggestions. As usual, best ideas are rewarded with free access to this web based harmonic patterns recognition tool.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

trading harmonic patterns in proper chart locations

As we mentioned several times on the Forum the location of the pattern is very important in successful harmonic trading. 
This can be repeated like mantra over and over, but unfortunately we still meet on a daily basis questions or comments from new harmonic traders that try to take each single pattern (that meets only price relations, not even time) ignoring all the important REST.

My simplest way to assure that the pattern we want to trade has reasonable good location is to switch the chart from the timeframe we trade to the next one or two higher and see if the trade makes also sense from this new perspective.

Also, from our experience the best trades have lots of different confirmations (different techniques) pointing to the same entry point. 
Can again point you to the Gartley confirmation techniques on the Forum. It's not completed yet, but we update these sections as often as possible. Trade with an edge.