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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Continuation Gartley pattern example

Continuation Gartley pattern located within channel. Example from today's Forex USDCAD M5 chart.

Continuation Gartley pattern

Continuation Gartley pattern in the channel


Gartley pattern with supply demand confirmation

Nice harmonic Gartley pattern example from today. Gartley pattern in action!
Continuation Gartley pattern on USDCAD

See how Supply Deman level (explained best by Sam Seiden) confirms the location of D point.
Continuation Gartley pattern with Supply Demand confirmation


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Emerging, Completed and Failed Gartley pattern

In the Interactive Trading Setups Disscussion we discussed today's Gartley patten that failed/got invalidated. After pattern failed and stop losses were taken out, price returned to the SL level. 

Since some of you asked for the video on the topic, here it comes - short one - about the failed harmonic Gartley pattern with 2 extra trading hints included.


How to trade failed harmonic Gartley pattern

Not sure if you benefit from it in your harmonic trading strategy, but when harmonic pattern fails - relatively quickly price returns to test the StopLoss price levels. If someone stayed in the losing position (did not accept the natural SL at X), this method (after price retests the SL levels) may allow to exit on Zero or small plus, or may be a good location to enter in oposite direction than indicated by the pattern. hmm... but what if price will never test the StopLoss levels :-) ... anyway, worth to consider the method.

Comments/opinions are welcome.

more on trading the failed Gartley pattern here -> Gartley pattern failure setups (Failed Gartley pattern)


Sunday, September 23, 2012

harmonic and price patterns automatic recognition

AMP indicator and functionality!
Visit to learn more about successful Harmonic Trading, AMP automatic pattern recognition engine and project. Join us!

Emerging patterns recognition parameter is by default set to 70%, so as soon as 70% of potential harmonic or price pattern is formed, AMP indicator will find it and present to you. To learn more about AMP indicator and AMPmonitor functionality visit TradingArsenal Forum and check AMP Indicator Releases and AMPmonitor threads.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

new AMP engine on AMPmonitor Test environment

New version of AMP indicator pattern recognition engine was placed today on the Test environment. After internal tests new AMP version will be uploaded on the Production server.

More info regarding new features/changes here:

Example AMPmonitor screenshots will be uploaded/added to this post during next days.


Friday, September 7, 2012

"The Biggest Secret In Forex Trading" - Larry Pesavento

Follow the link -> and check "The Biggest Secret In Forex Trading", video by Larry Pesavento.

Can you apply it to your trading? Some forum members started to play with it already ... and shared the first findings ->


AMPmonitor - Main Page new layout

Couple of suggestions for the new AMPmonitor main page layout.
Take a look and let us know what you think. Vote for the one you like most.

btw: New AMPmonitor with lost of new functional features and quality improvements SOON! Stay tuned!


"Zen in the markets" - must read book pdf

For me it was the eye opener and learnt from it more than from any other technical analysis or system description type book.

I am sure everyone will find there something for himself/herself. For me the very important point I remember was that Market from any moment can go only 2 directions: UP or DOWN and author suggested what to do to be always on the right side on the market move. Priceless! At least was and is priceless for me!

To read more about it on the TradingArsenal Forum check ->


Monday, September 3, 2012

Shark pattern AMPindicator AMPmonitor examples

Lots of examples of successful and failed Shark patterns (recognized by AMP indicator and available on AMPmonitor platform) available here:


Harmonic Trading - shark pattern example on EURUSD

Harmonic Trading - shark pattern example on EURUSD

Seems like we are going to describe this pattern as well. Again the pattern location is the key.