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Monday, October 29, 2012

Harmonic Martingale Entries system

Another trading system idea was published today on TradingArsenal Forum.

This time it's about harmonic patterns trading combined with martingale sized entries. Even if not for your trading style and psyche, worth to take a look. This non standard approach should at least stimulate you for further researches.
Martingale Entries for Harmonic patterns trading
Harmonic Martingale Entries System
Check full system idea description -> Harmonic martingale entries system


Friday, October 26, 2012

AMP indicator and complex ZigZag patterns

Example from Forex market of the harmonic pattern with complex internal ZigZag structure. Therefore such pattern would not be recognized by the leading MT4 harmonic patterns recognition indicators like ZUP nor korHarmonics.
AMP indicator due to it's unique pattern definition capabilities is able to identify and alert even more complex price patterns.

harmonic butterfly pattern with complex internal ZigZag structure
harmonic butterfly pattern with complex internal ZigZag structure

 To learn more about the AMP indicator visit -> AMP indicator Realeases


Harmonic Grid trading system - Volcano Setup

First from the new series of Harmonic Grid trading systems was published. 

Harmonic Grid trading system - Volcano Setup
Harmonic Grid Trading system - Volcano Setup


Trading Systems thread on TradingArsenal Forum - UPDATE

Dear User,

we would like to notify you, that we finally decided to start new thread named Trading Systems.

Here is the direct link:

We encourage you to submit your own ideas and systems that you would like to discuss in a group and improve.
During next weeks Ziemo is going to present several Harmonic Grid based systems where harmonic trading benefits are combined with GRID methods.

The first one, called 'Harmonic Grid Trading System - Volcano Setup', you can find already there! Enjoy it and post your comments and opinions.

Link to the system:

Kind regards,
Trading Arsenal Team


Thursday, October 25, 2012

RSI divergence confirmation for Butterfly patterns

Divergence is popular method to identify trend reversal places, so to sell near the top of a trend or buy near the bottom. Very useful method to confirm validity/proper location of a butterfly pattern.

Example (Forex USDCHF) of the harmonic butterfly pattern confirmed by the RSI divergence, but also by the 2 pivot levels (confluence of monthly and weekly pivot levels)

RSI divergence confirmation for butterfly pattern
RSI divergence confirmation method

To learn more about divergence concept and how it shell be used to confirm valid butterfly patterns check this dedicated thread -> Butterfly Pattern divergence methods


Monday, October 22, 2012

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Sam Seiden's supply demand method example

Here is all what we collected till now regarding the Sam Seiden's supply demand trading method ->

Example from today (Forex EURUSD instrument):
Identify emerging opportunity:

Enter without hesitation (your preferred entry and money management technique):

Check out this post to learn about Sam Seiden's Probability Enhancers


Butterfly Bullish pattern with double D point retest

Butterfly bullish with double D point retest
Butterfly bullish with double D point retest

Common scenario where D point of the butterfly pattern is retested, Stop Losses are taken and only then the proper up move follows.