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Thursday, July 19, 2012

best trades are CONFIRMED by mutliple methods

Best trades are always confirmed by multiple different trading methods.
Interesting, there is even couple more methods pointing to the same possible truning point.
This time worked well !

Knowledge Base with different confirmation methods is available on our Forum:


ABC patterns research by Suri Duddella

If you missed the webinar (as i did) and want to see the presentation Suri did,  you can find the download info here -> Suri Duddella presentation and more info


Friday, July 13, 2012

Suri Duddella Webinar - Trading ABC Patterns with Market Context

Suri Duddella will present his new ABC patterns research on how to detect the qualified ABC Patterns and how he finds trend and trade setups using market context. He will discuss the various pattern elements like trend strength, location of the pattern, size, pattern symmetry and clarity. Suri will show how to trade ABC patterns and all its related patterns like Double Top/Bottoms, Gartleys and various other patterns with specific rules in Intraday/EOD markets. He will present price and time targets for ABC Patterns with many trading examples.

Anyone attended any previous webinars by Suri and has any opinion that would like to share?


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TradingArsenal Forum update email - Journals

Dear Users,

there have been pretty a lot of new, interesting content added into Trading Arsenal forum last time.
We would like to focus your attention especially on Trading Journals Section, which you can find here:

Journals are being run either by beginners and professional traders. Beginners have an amazing opportunity to collect opinions from pros, pros have a perfect place to promote themselves, share their ideas and help others. 

We highly encourage you to start your own trading journals! It's a truly brilliant way to move your trading into the next stage.

Take a look at recently start journal by Lukasz – Master in Fibonacci techniques. It develops nicely. Author besides showing the trades, decided also to posts his trading equity curve, which is actually very rare.
You can find it here:

Another interesting one:
You can see here, how huge possibilities do the Forex market offer for traders:) Can anyone beat the records presented there?

We hope, you will enjoy these threads and use their educational potential!
See you in your Journal!

Kind regards,
Trading Arsenal Team


reversal versus continuation Butterfly pattern

Most popular position for the butterfly pattern is the end of a trend. We all like to catch end of wave 5, and butterfly simplifies it. Pattern forms on Wave4 and Wave5. Most of butterfly examples you will find on the Forum are for the reversal butterfly scenario. Like this one here: 

Continuation butterfly instead happens at the end of correction:

For more on the butterfly pattern visit: Butterfly pattern - Table of Content on the TradingArsenal Forum.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

TradingArsenal Forum update email

Dear Users,

Time to update you about what's going on at Trading Arsenal. And we are doing a lot currently!

1. First of all our trading Community is growing very fast. Happy to see new people willing to participate and improve their trading skills. 
2. Several new journals were started. Check where author shared in the last posts his impressive equity curve.
3. The completely new AMPmonitor ( ) is comming soon! New layout, new functionality, improved searching methods and confirmations. It will just blow you out! Remember to check:
4. The new section is coming to be added in forum - Systems & Strategies. A lot of practical and interesting info is going to be put there!
5. We move into more practical elements of harmonic trading. Just couple of days ago started a thread regarding the entry techniques for the Gartley pattern (to start with). See:
6. Long awaiting Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) thread where we observe and discuss the VSA as confirmation technique for harmonic trading. See the collection of VSA indicators: and
7. Many people ask about the 121 / One2One pattern. We will open this Section to public very soon!
8. Lots of new trading materials here -> and indicators here ->

More info on our Facebook Page, check it out and "Like it!" to stay up to date!

Kind regards,
Trading Arsenal Team


Monday, July 2, 2012

Harmonic trading and Stop Loss hunting

Stop loss hunting for your harmonic trades. Happens often, and as experience traders say, more often than in the past...

just 2 examples:

check AMPmonitor's historic patterns section for many more cases of stop loss hunting. Read more...