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Sunday, April 8, 2012

forex best trading results: 5days 10160%

To read about couple of different forex live account trading records our TradingArsenal friend did check here ->

This is the info he agreed to share regarding his trading methods to achieve this last record:
"1. all is done manually, no EA, MT4 platform
2. all was done on EURUSD only (this week, but sometimes he trades other instruments as well, depends what is moving on the given day)
3. there were equity curves from last days so you could see the progress on the account
4. he trades with very big leverage, less than 100pips to bankruptcy
5. adds to the winners
6. sometimes keeps the position for some minutes, sometimes over several nights
7. has perfect entries (very well timed) confirmed by "experience" (as he says). I asked if it's based on Gann, but he says these are proprietary timing techniques (and are much better).
8. he uses market geometry, cycles, moving averages, MACD
9. he says that type of trading is very stressful and for sure not for everyone
10. he says that following the same trading method he would not be able to make such % returns starting from 10k initial capital. Main issue is psyche. His psyche behaves differently with each 5k earned, and it always impacts the trading results. For bigger accounts he uses different methods."

Please note also that he has many years of trading experience and presented results were done with very high risk per each trade. It's just to show the possibilities that Forex market gives. I personally do not believe that this trading style can work in long term. My personal preference is to always control the risk (per trade/per day) and smooth equity curve growth. ...well, each of us has different goals :-) Focus on yours!


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