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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fundamental News and harmonic trading

For several reasons (to be explained other day) I ignore the fundamental news. I do not believe that following them can impact in significantly positive way my trading results. Maybe I am mistaken and this will change with time, but for the time being i am fine with this approach.

There is one aspect about news that is important for me. News increase volatility.

It’s important to know the time of News release if you trade affected currency pair. During News time market becomes volatile and I want to benefit from this volatility, or at least be prepared (and not loose). The strength of this volatility depends on the surprise factor brought by news.
Forex Factory provides the nice and useful calendar where news are classified according to the importance: High, Medium, Low.

Pity, sometimes I am focused too much on the chart and forget the News. I am sure I am not the only one J
For this purpose it’s good to use a News indicator. You can get one here -> News indicator

We also add the News functionality into AMPmonitor. We just design the presentation layout, so if you have any good idea or suggestion visit this thread and share your thinking -> Adding news info to AMPmonitor


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