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Monday, April 2, 2012

harmonic trading confirmation techniques

Harmonic trading secret lies not in the pattern itself (not in its definition nor relations between swings) but in the confirmations techniques used. Different methods can be used here. Our suggested list of methods (ones that we consider very useful) can be found on the TradingArsenal forum:
Gartley pattern and Elliot Wave theory
Combining different timeframes
Defining Potential Reversal Zone for the Gartley pattern
VSA (Volume Spread Analysis)
Gartley pattern failure setups (Failed Gartley pattern)
Band indicator
Supply & Demand
Reversal candlestick patterns
Andrew Pitchfork
Pivot Points

For Gartley confirmation methods check -> Gartley pattern - table of content
For Bat confirmation methods check -> Bat pattern - table of content

note1 that not all threads are populated at this time, but we keep on inserting the content regularly.
note2 that content for butterfly, crab and 121 pattern confirmations is planned but not ready yet.


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